LED Lantrn
Led Light

DC-Light Solar Lantern +Hanging Bulb-with reading light, USB charger
“► Lighting 2 rooms at once by a portable lantern +1 hanging lamp
► Continuous 60 hours lighting
► Keep your cell phone powerful anywhere,anytime
► Smart battery level indicator,remind you to charge in time
► Glowing strap-easy to find its location in dark”
“■ Solar panel: 2x 1.7W/9V Poly-crystalline
■ Battery: 6V/4500mAh SLA
■ Light source: Lantern 11pcs LED 2Watt.Bulb:1pcs 1W
■ Working time: 17hours for brightest; 28hours for brighter;
57hours for bright; 175hours for bed light; 155hours for reading,32hours for 1W bulb light
■ Charging time: 12hours under sufficient sunlight”


Part List:
“1x 5-in-1 USB mobile charger:
Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia small pin, Nokia big pin,Samsung D800”

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