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JA Solar Panels Pakistan

JA Solar is a Chinese company that specializes in the manufacturing of solar panels. They offer a range of solar panel products for both residential and commercial applications. JA Solar panels are known for their high efficiency and reliability.

Some key features of JA Solar panels include:

1. High Efficiency: JA Solar panels are designed to convert sunlight into electricity at a high efficiency rate, allowing for maximum power output.

2. Durability: JA Solar panels are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and are made with high-quality materials to ensure long-term durability.

3. Advanced Technology: JA Solar utilizes advanced cell technology to enhance the performance of their solar panels, such as PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Contact) cells.

4. Industry Certifications: JA Solar panels have received various industry certifications, including TUV, UL, and IEC certifications, ensuring their compliance with international quality and safety standards.

5. Warranty: JA Solar offers a warranty on their solar panels, providing customers with peace of mind and protection against any potential defects or performance issues.

Overall, JA Solar panels are a popular choice for those looking to invest in solar energy due to their high efficiency, durability, and advanced technology.

JA Solar 550 Watt Mono PERC - Solar Panels

JA Solar is a Chinese solar panel manufacturer that produces a range of solar panels, including the JA Solar 580. The JA Solar 580 is a high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel with a power output of 580 watts. It features a high conversion efficiency, which means it can generate more electricity from sunlight compared to lower efficiency panels. The JA Solar 580 is suitable for both residential and commercial solar installations and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.



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JA Solar Panel Specification

 JAM72S30-550/MRJA-380 M
Maximum Power(Pmax)550Wp380Wp
Optimum Operating Voltage/Vmp49.90V36.9V
Optimum Operating Current/Imp14.00A8.78A
Open Circuit Voltage /Voc41.80V46.1V
Short Circuit Current /Isc13.11A9.28A
Module Efficiency21.30%20.40%
Numbers of cells72(6*12)72(6*12)
Cell dimension(mm)144(6X24)156*156
Standard test conditionIrradiance 1000W/m²,Module temperature 25℃, AM=1.5

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  • World-Class R&D team and facilities
  • Superior PID-resistance (Potential Induced Degradation)
  • Carefully chosen material from leading manufacturers
  • Rigorous reliability testing and quality control processes


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JA Solar Panel Price | JA Solar PV Module Model JAM72S30-550MR

JA Solar Panel prices vary  in Pakistan due to USD conversion to PKR. That’s why giving firm JA Solar panel  prices are very difficult. Anyway, just an idea for the 2023 it can range from 55 to 90. JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic modules for residential, commercial and utility-scale power generation. JA Solar is one of the world’s largest producers of solar cells and modules. The JAP72S01-330/SC module is one of the best values in the industry and features outstanding low-light performance, high wind and snow load resistance, a positive power tolerance and resistance to Potential Induced Degradation (PID) in accordance to IEC 62804.  These panels have achieved comprehensive certifications including UL1703, CEC, IEC 61215 & IEC 61730.


Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 77.17 × 39.02 × 1.57 inches
  • Weight: 49.6 lbs
  • 72-cell polycrystalline module
  • Silver frame
  • White back sheet
  • Amphenol UTX Connectors
  • MPN: JAP72S01-330/SC
【Product introduction】
No. of cells144(6×24)
Rated Maximum Power(Pmax)580watt
Maximum Efficiency21.3%
Junction BoxIP68
Maximum System Voltage1000V/1500V DC
Operating Temperature-40℃~+85℃
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Commercial & Industrial Rooftop PV System with JA Solar Panel

A commercial and industrial rooftop PV system with JA Solar panels is a solar energy solution designed for large-scale commercial and industrial buildings. JA Solar is a leading manufacturer of high-performance solar panels, known for their efficiency and durability.

The system consists of JA Solar panels installed on the rooftop of the building, connected to an inverter and a monitoring system. The panels convert sunlight into electricity, which is then used to power the building’s operations.

Some key features of a commercial and industrial rooftop PV system with JA Solar panels include:

1. High Efficiency: JA Solar panels are known for their high efficiency, meaning they can generate more electricity from the same amount of sunlight compared to other solar panels. This makes them ideal for commercial and industrial applications where maximum energy production is desired.

2. Durability: JA Solar panels are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures, heavy rain, and snow. This ensures that the system can continue to operate effectively for many years with minimal maintenance.

3. Scalability: The system can be easily scaled up or down depending on the energy needs of the building. Additional panels can be added to increase energy production if required.

4. Monitoring System: A monitoring system is included with the PV system, allowing real-time monitoring of energy production and system performance. This helps identify any issues or inefficiencies, allowing for timely maintenance and optimization.

5. Cost Savings: By generating clean and renewable energy, the commercial and industrial rooftop PV system can significantly reduce the building’s reliance on grid electricity. This can lead to substantial cost savings on energy bills over the system’s lifetime.

6. Environmental Benefits: By utilizing solar energy, the system helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. This contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

Overall, a commercial and industrial rooftop PV system with JA Solar panels offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to harness solar energy and reduce their carbon footprint.