Ja Solar Panel

JA Solar 330 Watt Poly Solar Panels Available in reasonable price in Lahore Pakistan.

JA SOLAR provides high-quality PV modules for the rooftops of residential and business buildings as well as ground power stations in more than 100 countries and regions.

300-355Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel
Characteristics SN-P300 SN-P330 SN-P335 SN-P340 SN-P350 SN-P355
Maximum Power(Pmax) 300Wp 330Wp 335Wp 3400Wp 350Wp 335Wp
Optimum Operating Voltage/Vmp 30.0V 36.6V 36.9V 38.2V 38.5V 38.7V
Optimum Operating Current/Imp 8.33A 8.78A 8.84A 8.9A 9.09A 9.17A
Open Circuit Voltage /Voc 43.2V 46.1V 46.5V 46.7V 46.9V 47.0V
Short Circuit Current /Isc 9.13A 9.28A 9.36A 9.45A 9.60A 9.69A
Module Efficiency 15.54% 15.30% 15.60% 15.90% 16.20% 16.50%
Weight 19Kg 19Kg 19Kg 19Kg 19Kg 22Kg
Numbers of cells 72(6*12) 72(6*12) 72(6*12) 72(6*12) 72(6*12) 72(6*12)
Cell dimension(mm) 156*156 156*156 156*156 156*156 156*156 156*156
Dimensions(mm) 1650*990*40
Standard test condition Irradiance 1000W/m²,Module temperature 25℃, AM=1.5


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