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Net Metering in Pakistan!

What is Net Metering in Pakistan?

Net metering in Pakistan is a billing mechanism to credit the solar system proprietors for the electricity that they add to the grid. NEPRA issue this Net Metering in Pakistan in September 2015. That allows DISCOs to purchase the excuses units from the consumers. This means that the owners of the solar system in Pakistan can set up a renewable energy facility that allows them to produce electricity by using solar and supply their excess produced to the national grid. Moreover, as per regulation, the national grid customer can avail of this Net Metering facility from a lower or small scale. This also can be 1kw or 1 MW renewable energy installation.

In addition to mentioning all the above, Net Metering is usually a long term power solution. Also, this solar photovoltaic technology gives access to an affordable supply of electricity during system life. Moreover, solar panels’ residential and commercial proprietors can switch their power load to renewable energy and get facilitate from power bills.

How to Apply? Net Metering in Pakistan!

By following the following process we can apply for Net Metering in Pakistan. These steps can be:


First of all, every applicant specified in NEPRA’s regulation can submit his application along with the required documents to the DISCO’s office.


The application can be the receipt and will be acknowledged by the DISCO. If the application of the applicant is perfect he will be notified. This process is done in 5 days after receiving the applications.

Incomplete form:

If in case the application form is incomplete or you missed any document to submit for Net Metering in Pakistan.  then the applicant will be informed. After that, he will resubmit or provide such information or document to DISCO in 7 days of given notice.

Initial Review: 

After receiving your application as completely required DISCO will conduct a preliminary review. In which qualifying for interconnection amenity of the applicant can be determined.

Moreover, the preliminary review completed in 20 working days.


If preliminary review discloses the amenity is unaccepted, then the application will be returned to DISCO in 3 days and the applicant will be informed.


If the application is qualified by DG, then two parties sign the agreement and this process of the agreement will complete within ten working days.


The copies of the agreement of both parties dispatched to NEPRA with an application to issue the licence. The licence of Net Metering in Pakistan generate after 7 days of the signed agreement.

Net Metering in Pakistan

Cost of Net Metering in Pakistan!

Produced free energy from the solar panel is sounding amazing. But saving and also earning from the solar panel is absolutely much better.  The cost of Net Metering varies for user and depending upon the size and type of the system. The size and price of every system are different so the price of the industrial customer is higher as compared to the residential customer.  Moreover, premier energy can help you to apply for Net Metering with ease.  Also, it helps to get reasonable rates for Net Metering. Moreover, we will help you in every phase of Net Metering in Pakistan. You can call us any time whenever you facing any query related to anything. Furthermore, you can also navigate us on Google Map.