Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Lights

Stainless Steel Solar Lights-1 Super bright white LED. High-efficiency amorphous silicon solar panel provides maximum energy transfer for over 8 hours of operation when fully charged. The solar panel could even be charged during cloudy day weather.  Rechargeable battery included

Solar Light To Position Where You Want It. Integrates All Components within one housing body easy installation. No cabling. Brighter light when you need it.

LED Lantrn
Led Light

DC-Light Solar Lantern +Hanging Bulb-with reading light, USB charger
“► Lighting 2 rooms at once by a portable lantern +1 hanging lamp
► Continuous 60 hours lighting
► Keep your cell phone powerful anywhere,anytime
► Smart battery level indicator,remind you to charge in time
► Glowing strap-easy to find its location in dark”
“■ Solar panel: 2x 1.7W/9V Poly-crystalline
■ Battery: 6V/4500mAh SLA
■ Light source: Lantern 11pcs LED 2Watt.Bulb:1pcs 1W
■ Working time: 17hours for brightest; 28hours for brighter;
57hours for bright; 175hours for bed light; 155hours for reading,32hours for 1W bulb light
■ Charging time: 12hours under sufficient sunlight”


Part List:
“1x 5-in-1 USB mobile charger:
Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia small pin, Nokia big pin,Samsung D800”

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