Solar System in Multan

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Multan is the best place to produce Solar Energy from the Sun

Solar System in Multan, Pakistan solar traders are the importers of solar panels, Solar inverter, and dry battery We have installed many solar systems in Multan. System sizes vary according to customer requirements. We are providing engineers which take care customer required load which helps us to design best reliable solar system in Multan. Pakistan Solar Traders have our setup in Multan where our solar installation and maintenance team ready to serve the customer on site.

Solar System in MultanThe solar system is free energy and Multan has a lot of Sun energy which make ideal and favorable for the peoples living in Multan. more hot and clear sunshine means getting a lot of solar energy for the solar system. That’s why the solar system is ideal for hot areas rather than cold areas. Here is few solar system in Pakistan which can be installed for general loads.

10KW solar system in Multan

Multan features an arid climate with very hot summers and mild winters. The average annual precipitations 186 millimeters (7.3 in).
Multan is known for having some of the hottest weather in Pakistan. The highest recorded temperature is approximately 52 °C (126 °F), and the lowest recorded temperature is approximately −1 °C (30 °F).



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Multan’s climate is primarily influenced by:

  • Western Disturbances which generally occurs during the winter months between December and February. The Western Disturbance provokes moderate rainfall, with hailstorms also sometimes occurring.
  • Dust storms in Multan occur during summer months. Multan’s dust storm sometimes produce violent wind.
  • Heat waves in Multan occur during the hottest months of May and June and can result in temperatures approaching 50° Celsius (122° Fahrenheit)


A 5KW solar system in Multan


  • South West Monsoon in Multan occurs following the hottest months of the year and lasts between June and September. Monsoon rains moderate temperatures, and can sometimes produce heavy rainstorms.
  • Continental air prevails during the remaining months generally yields clear weather with little to no precipitation.



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