HT-SAAE Solar Panel Pakistan


HT-SAAE Solar Panel Pakistan High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar PV modules.

All modules doubled EL tests to avoid unseen cracks and damaged bus     Compliance with IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 62716 and IEC 61701

25-year power guarantee     

Excellent performance under low light conditions     

10 -year product workmanship guarantee

Pakistan Solar Panel

305 Watt Hisel Solar Panel are from HT-Saae Solar Panel Pakistan 

Widely applied in projects covering on-grid and off-grid systems, our high efficiency modules can resist high wind pressure, snow loads, extreme temperatures and strict mechanical loading tests of 5400 Pa.

Solar panels use the sun as an energy source.. Solar panels are an integral part of the solar system. The power of the solar system depends entirely on the solar panels as they collect sunlight and transform them into other forms of energy. This energy can only turn into energy and electricity through a solar system consisting of various essentials that work together to produce electrical energy.

Pakistan solar traders offer solar panels of various sizes to meet the requirements of large and small projects. Our solar panels are efficient at work, able to solve the power crisis in Pakistan, and are useful to users in many ways. Pakistan Solar Traders aim to provide alternative sources of electricity that produce low-cost electricity, and people do not have to pay heavy bills.These necessities include solar panel, inverter, charge controller, and battery.

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Both of these necessities come in different sizes which affect the performance of the solar system. The solar system is the best solution for all of the problems listed above in Pakistan and more effective renewable sources that do not harm the environment either.

12-2012 HT-SAAE is getting process right


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