1.2KW Solar power System

The 1.2kW solar system makes about half a half of all solar systems sold in Pakistan. 1.2 KW Solar systems are normally installed less than five years ago. The 1.2kW solar system is still a good investment. Perfect for small family, it offers great returns for energy-efficient homes. 1.2Kva Solar systems for small family, it will help to reduce bills and provide uninterruptible power supply round the clock.

Quick overview

Average cost PKR 90,000 to to $175,000

Number of panels 6

Power generated 2.70 units/day

How much can I save? Operating at full capacity, PKR 1200 per electricity bill cycle.

Average payback period Within 5-6 years


Suited to

small family with an electricity budget 2000-3000 per bill of electricity.R


How much does it cost?

Price for more than $ 9,000 worth $ 175,000 PKR to the standard 1.2 KW solar system prices. But it is important to note that the price is directly related to the quality. Although you can find affordable systems somewhere else, keeping within the price bracket ensures that you are buying better quality products. And whatever system you buy, you should also ensure that it comes with warranty. If this does not happen, it is a sign whose system is low quality and can not reach its distance.

How big is it?

The 1.2 kW solar system has 6 panels – ideal for small homes. Each panel measures about 1.6 meters x 1 meter, so you’ll need at least 10 square meters of surface area.

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How much energy will it generate?

On average, a 1.2kW solar system generates 2.70 units per day. For the average family, this is enough for a third of your energy use. But if your home is highly energy efficient, the 1.2KW system can compensate for all your energy usage.

As with every solar system, the amount of energy generated depends on the amount of sun your site receives, as well as the location of your solar system. You will also generate more energy in the summer months than in the winter. But do not worry, our installation will ensure you place your order to receive as much sunshine as possible, all year round.

The output also depends on the quality of your system. High quality systems work better at higher temperatures and produce better results. So make sure you buy the best quality panels and inverters you can afford – it will repay in the long run.

How much can I actually save?

How much money you get back from your solar system depends on the amount of electricity your system exports and how much you pay for it. However, fully functional, a 1.2kW solar system will save you $ 1200-1800 per billing cycle – significant savings added over time. And remember, the higher the quality of the solar system you buy, the greater the returns will be.

What’s the average payback period?

A good quality 1.2kW system will deliver a full return on investment within 5-6 years. Use more of your solar power during the daylight hours (and export less power to the grid), and you’ll pay it off in no time.

And regardless of how long it takes to pay off your system, you’ll start saving on your electricity bills from day one – and isn’t that the whole point?

What kind of household does it suit best?

This system’s great for a smaller household. So if you’re a retired couple using power throughout the day with an electricity budget of PKR2000-3000 per bill cycle, this may be the perfect system for you.

We want you to get the most solar has to offer. That means choosing the right system for your needs. So give us a call on 0332 4129441 for a chat about which system best suits your lifestyle, budget and roof space.

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