12 Volt Dry Battey

Storage battery

It’s likely that a 12 volt battery that’s boiled dry is a flooded-cell, lead-acid battery that’s fitted in vehicles. It contains six individual cells that each produce two volts and the cells contain lead-plates completely covered in electrolyte fluid — if the battery is in good condition.

12 Volt DJDC Lithum Battey

Storage battery

12v lithium ion battery

lithium battery price in Pakistan

12V series is LiFePO4 battery model which is designed for UPS backup power supply,solar wind power system,portable devices,energy storage,low current electric vehicles and other applications;Battery is integrated with intelligent built-in BMS,to provide safe and stable one-stop power supply service.This series has great advantages on battery cycle life, operating termperature range, safety and environment protection.


With the widespread use of Lead Acid battery products in various applications,and raising concerns of environment issues and energy saving,lithium battery is increasingly used as alternative solution of Lead Acid battery.It’s able to replace corresponding Lead Acid battery model with same or similar shell dimension.

12V200Ah LiFePO4 battery can be for UPS,off-grid solar system,monitoring system,communication base station,golf cart,sightseeing car and other applications… Energy: 2560Wh, Output voltage: 10V~14.6V, Dimension: 522x240x220mm


Leoch 12 Volt Battery

Leoch mainly produces reserve power batteries, SLI batteries and motive power batteries and they include series products such as AGM VRLA batteries, …

LP Seriesi LEOCH Batteries. 12 Volt Batteries : 0,8 Ah – 260 Ah. 6 Volt Batteries : 0,5 Ah – 200 Ah. 4 Volt Batteries : 0,4 Ah – 20 Ah. 2 Volt Batteries : 4 Ah – 3500 Ah LPC Series Deep Cycle LEOCH Batteries. 12 Volt 3,5 Ah – 200 Ah. 6 Volt 5,6 Ah – 13 Ah. For Further Details >>> Leoch Battery

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Lecoh 12 Volt Battery

Daewoo Battery

Daewoo Battery is a manufacturer of Lead-Acid batteries in

Pakistan offering complete range of 100% Maintenance Free Batteries  (Daewoo Dry Battery) for Automotive and Specialized Deep Cycle Batteries for UPS and Solar Systems. These specialized batteries are designed to be fully compatible to Pakistani environment and manufactured using most advanced Korean Technology under direct supervision of Korean Experts. The blend of continuous innovation, advance technology and quality assurance measures provides best in class product quality and high performance of starting batteries for automotive and deep cycle batteries  (Daewoo Dry Battery) for UPS.


Daewoo Battery

2 Volt Dry Cell Battery

a huge range of 2 volt deep cycle batteries from trusted brand names at discounted prices! Selected for their robustness, long life and performance, you can rely on these batteries to store and deliver power consistently in Pakistan’s harsh conditions.



Hundai 12 Volt Battery

Hyundai Tubular Battery 155 Amp (12HBT190T)

Model: 12HBT190T

Flot Charge: 14.1 Volt Per Battery

Recommended Charging (Max):14 Amps to 16 Amps

Capacity For 20 Hour Rate Of Discharge: 155Ah( for 20 Hours)

End Discharge Voltage: 10.8 to 10.5 Volts Per Battery

Weight Per Battery: 30.100 kg

Dimension Per Battery: L=502 W=190 H=373mm (Height is up to Terminal Top)

No of Plat: 5

12 Volt Hundai Battery

Narada 12 Volt Battery

Today’s batteries are better than ever, and so are the devices that regulate and protect them. It is important to do your homework, when it comes to getting the right batteries. Maintaining Flooded lead-acid 12 v dry battery is more economical and tends to last longer than sealed batteries, but they require regular maintenance. 12 volt dry cell battery are “maintenance free” and won’t emit any corrosive fumes like flooded batteries do.



Solar Tubewell

To learn more, be sure to read our battery basics and battery maintenance pages. Pakistan Solar Traders Battery Banks Save You Time and Money. We’ve taken the time to put together 12V, 24V and 48 – volt battery banks specifically designed for renewable energy systems, complete with the needed accessories. Our battery sizing worksheet will help you determine what size of battery bank you will need.

12 Volt Dry Battery AGM

12 V Dry Battery Brands we have in Stock Narada Gel AGM-Gel battery combine the advantage of AGM technology and polymer gel technology. Separator material of AGM-gel battery is an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat). With the polymer gel technology, the AGM-gel battery can provide more capacity at low temperature and reduce water-loss at high temperature; AGM-Gel also have a good large current performance of the AGM technology.


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