Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar

Canadian SolarCanada, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Canada are designed for solar ingots production facilities in Brazil, puyy, solar cells, Canadian solar (PV Module), solar power systems and specialized solar products manufacturing.

Canadian Solar’s manufacturing facilities are located in Canada and the largest part of China.The Ontario year.Canadian solar plant over 500 MW 2012 in the SUV Rhine per OHSAS 18001 international occupational health and safety after auditing by the Land quality approved production capacity.


Canadian Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan

We provide best Canadian Solar Panels Price in Pakistan with A Grade Quality.  Canadian Solar panel prices in Pakistan always vary due to USD prices conversion to Pak Rupees.  So setting up a specific price for Canadian Solar Panel prices is very difficult. Just to Give idea of price, it can range from 45 to 55 now a days in year 2019. 

Solar system for home with Canadian Solar Panel

Canadian Solar panels are best choice to consider solar system for home. Most popular solar panel size 325 watt  Canadian solar system for home.

Environmental and quality management certificate [edit]
9001 Quality Management System
ISO 14001, Environmental Management System
ISO / TS 16949, the automotive standard for PV Quality Control
OHSAS 18001, Occupational health and safety

Buy Canadian Solar Panels

To Buy Canadian solar panels many peoples think about that which size is is best or suitable for their roof tops. Currently most popular size in Canadian solar 330 watt which is more power and easy to install on small space as compare to smaller watt size panels.


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