On Grid Inverter 5KW Infinity HLE

Infinty HL 5KW TeslaOn-grid-inverter-5kw-infini-v-pakistan-solar-traders

Tesla 5kw Off-Grid Infinity HLE 5000-48V (VOC 145)

Tesla is the only Pakistani concern which has its manufacturing facility and products approved by the British Electrotechnical Approvals Board and British Gas. We also have the honor of being one of such facilities in the world to carry the British Gas Logo on its relevant products. Besides these approvals, Tesla is also ISO 9001: 2000 standard approved factory.

  • Main Features
    • Pure sine wave output
    • Self-Consumption & Feed-in to the grid
    • Programmable supply priority for PV, Battery or Grid
    • User-adjustable charging current & Voltage
    • Programmable multiple operation
    • Modes: Grid-tie, Off-grid & Grid-Tie with backup
    • Monitoring software for real-time status display & control
    • Parallel operation up to 9 units *
    •  Battery Less Operation


Solar Inverter
PV Array Power (max)
Rated Power
Voltage Range
90-280 VAC or 170-280 VAC
Efficiency (Peak)
90% – 93%
50 – 60Hz (Auto Sensing)
Wave Form
Pure Sine Wave
Battery Voltage
48 VDC
MPP Trackers