Pressure Washer

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Pressure Washers

Welcome to the Pressure Washers in Pakistan Store, where you’ll find great prices on a wide range of different pressure washers and accessories such as hoses, lances and brushes for DIY and professional use.
A best pressure washer is a high-pressure sprayer used to remove dirt and grime from buildings, vehicles, hard surfaces and some outdoor furniture. A best pressure washer works by driving water through a high-pressure water pump which is directed through a hose or lance, and operated through a trigger gun-style switch. Note that the pump cannot draw more water from the pipe to which the washer is connected than that source can provide.

2750 PSI 180 Bar Heavy Duty Pressure Washer In Pakistan

Pressure Washer
Pressure Washer

1. Three Phase Motor Induction Motor 4 HP
2. Commercial grade direct driver brass cylnder  plunger pump
3. Thermal Protected
4. 10m high pressure hose
5. Quick connect nozzle 0, 15, 25, 40 and chemical nozzle
6. Pressure adjustable
7. Low pressure detergent injector Attachment
8. High pressure washing gun
9. 8-inch Hard wheels
10. 5M water input hose with filter
11. Auto start/Stop
12. Water Flow 11-15 l/min
13. Brass pump

Many ways to use of pressure washers

Pressure  washing is the best method to clean outside and is very simple: interface your gadget to the water supply and electrical plug, turn on the tap, switch on the pressure washer, and let the cleaning fun start! With coordinating exceptional embellishments, the gadgets are changed into genuine all-rounders: regardless of whether for porch or decking, vehicle cleaning, clearing the guttering or in any event, cleaning the receptacles, the application prospects are for all intents and purposes interminable. The pressure is constantly most prominent the closer you are to the spout, in this manner the separation of the spout to the surface you are cleaning ought to be balanced as needs be to get the ideal cleaning result. The new Full Control trigger firearms help to guarantee you can without much of a stretch locate the correct weight setting for the surface you need to clean.

Pressure washers offer the correct answer for each cleaning task!

Our exploration shows that a portion of the more typical open air cleaning errands include:

  • bicycles
  • lawn and garden tools/machines
  • patio furniture
  • fences and walkways
  • motorcycles and scooters
  • small cars
  • steps and entrances
  • mid-size cars, trucks and SUV’s
  • brick and stone walls
  • RV’s and off-road vehicles
  • swimming pools and large patio areas
  • home exteriors and driveways
Pressure Washers from Pakistan Solar Traders

There’s nothing so satisfying as using a pressure washer to blast away dirt and debris. Transform the scruffy and rundown surfaces of your garden furniture, vehicle, patio or house into bright and shining treats for the eye with pressure washers from Pakistan Solar Traders. An efficient and thorough method of cleaning, pressure washers let you use a highly pressurised jet of water to remove grime without the need for labour-intensive scrubbing. Ditch the elbow grease and breeze through your outdoor cleaning chores with pressure washers.
There’s nothing so fulfilling as utilizing a Presure washer to impact away dirt and debris. Change the scruffy and overview surfaces of your nursery furniture, vehicle, yard or house into splendid and sparkling treats for the eye with pressure washers from Pakistan Solar Traders. A proficient and exhaustive technique for cleaning, pressure washers let you utilize an exceptionally pressurized fly of water to evacuate grime without the requirement for work serious scouring. Jettison the real effort and breeze through your open air cleaning errands with pressure washers.
Utilize our Pressure Washer Finder to penetrate down to the best item for you- – channel by power, highlights, value, brand, conveyance alternative and normal client survey to discover pressure washers that address your issues. Consider the size of your weight washer- – how compact does it should be? How solid is the individual utilizing it? Consider likewise the degree of intensity you need from your weight washer- – would you say you are evacuating surface residue and leaves, or would you like to impact away imbued soil or even paint? At last, channel by cost to ensure you discover pressure washers that fit your spending limit.
We’re proud to offer you pressure washers from a range of top brands, including JS Pressures Washer , Kärcher, Nilfisk and Bosch. Check out the rest of the store to get kitted out for cleaning with our pressure washer accessories, including hoses, detergent, attachments for car cleaning, replacement parts and lances.