2.2KW Hybrid Inverter

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 Inverter 2.2KW Hybrid Inverter

Inverter Aerox
2.2KW Hybrid Inverter , 2200 Watt, Surge 4400VA, 24V, MPPT 50A, 5 Years Warranty. … Inverex AEROX 1.2KW Solar Inverter, 1200 Watt, 12VDC, MPPT 50A, 5 Years Warranty PKR0. Inverex AEROX 3.2 KW SOLAR INVERTER, Off Grid, 3200 Watt, Surge 6400VA, Battery 24V DC, MPPT 65A, 5 .
Aerox inverter is the latest model which introduced in 2019 by Inverex. Inverex inverter prices are little on the higher side, but the same time product is good and valuable.

1st time in Pakistan MPPT solar charge controller with 2.2KW Hybrid Inverter.
Battery equalization.
2nd Generation smart and intelligent solar inverter.
It has output power factor 1.
Compatible with generator and SNMP card.
New smart and attractive LCD display.
Compatible with mains voltage.
Power Factor
Power Factor is the percentage of electricity that is being used to do useful work. It is expressed as a ratio. For example, a power factor of 0.72 would mean only 72% of your power was being used to do useful work.
SNMP cards are an interface between the UPS and the network. … Through the SNMP NMS and/or Web Browser, users can monitor the UPS status, issue commands, and set up the SNMP card through the network.