Trina 350 Watt Solar Panel

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Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is the world’s leading comprehensive solutions provider for solar energy. We believe close cooperation with our partners is critical to success. Trina Solar now distributes its PV products to over 60 countries all over the world. Trina Solar is able to provide exceptional service to each customer in each market and supplement our innovative, reliable products with the backing of Trina Solar as a strong, bankable partner. We are committed to building strategic, mutually beneficial collaboration with installers, developers, distributors and other partners.
FeaturesIdeal for Large Scale Installations – High power footprint reduces installation time and BOS costs. Reduce BOS cost by connecting more modules in a string. 1500 V UL/1500 V IEC certified.High Efficiency – Excellent low light performance on cloudy days, mornings and evenings: advanced surface texturing, back surface field and selective emitter. Maximize limited space with high efficiency: up to 193w/m² power density, low thermal coefficients for greater energy production at high operating temperatures.
Reliable – Highly reliable due to stringent quality control. All modules have to pass electroluminescence (EL) inspection. Over 30 in-house tests (UV, TC, HF, and many more). In house testing goes well beyond certification requirements. PID resistant.
General Information 
Product Line:
Model ID:
Certifications and Safety Ratings:    
Mechanical Data
Technology:Polycrystalline (Poly)
2024 x 1004 x 35 mm (79.69 x39.53 x 1.38 Inches)
Weight:50.3 lbs
Front Glass:3.2 mm (0.13 inches), High Transmission, AR Coated Heat Strengthened Glass
Frame:35 mm ( 1.38inches) Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Junction Box:IP67 or IP68 Rated
Cables:Photovoltic Technology Cable 4.0mm (0.006 inches),
Portrait: N 140mm/P 285mm(5.51/11.22inches)
Landscape: N 1400 mm /P 1400 mm (55.12/55.12 inches)
Electrical Data STC
Maximum Power (Pmax):350 Watts
Power Output Tolerance (Pmax):0 ~ +5
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp):38.1
Maximum Power Current (Impp):9.32
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):47.0
Short Circuit Voltage (Isc):9.81 Amps
Module Efficiency:17.5%

Trina Genuine

01/ Name Card

         Name card: with logo, model, certification, scan QR code of product.

02/ Bar Code

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03/ Trina 350 Watt Solar Panel Dustproof Pug

          A dust plug is added at the joint to ensure the integrity of the joint.

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