On grid inverter Growatt MID 15~25KTL3-X


On grid inverter Growatt MID 15~25KTL3-x



The Growatt 25KW Inverter is a top-notch solar device that’s perfect for your home. It can handle solar power from 200V all the way up to 1000V, and it’s got two smart trackers to manage the energy better. You’ll get a lot of power, with up to 37.5A coming in from the panels and 40.3A going out to your house. It’s super-efficient, turning almost all the solar energy it gets into electricity. Plus, it’s got a built-in safety switch, easy-to-manage cables, and you can keep an eye on it with Wi Fi. And don’t worry about noise; it’s super quiet without needing a big transformer.

High Yields

– Dual MPP trackers

– Max. efficiency up to 98.75%

· Max.Efficiency 98.75%

· Dual MPP trackers

· Supports export control

· Touch key and OLED display

· Type II SPD on AC and DC side

Safety and Reliability

– Type II SPD on DC and AC sides

– AFCI function optional

Smart O&M

– Intelligent string monitoring

– Online smart service



Additional information

Weight18 kg
Dimensions310 × 563 × 219 cm